Consensus Workshop - creating shared agreement

The CONSENSUS WORKSHOP METHOD is used to facilitate consensus-based group decisions that respect a group’s diversity of perspectives, inspire individual action and achieve joint resolve and action – within only 45 minutes to two hours. Individual participation is honoured by focusing on the insight within every idea and contribution. The Consensus Workshop creates consciousness about new relationships among data. It acknowledges and documents the level of the group’s consensus at any given moment. 

Some uses for the CONSENSUS WORKSHOP METHOD are:

  • To discover our shared hopes and dreams
  • To explore issues blocking the realization of our hopes and dreams
  • To find creative ways to raise money
  • To motivate volunteers
  • To use in a series to do a strategic plan
  • To get activities done in the office
  • To create a compensation plan…
  • To practically manage…a move, space rearrangement, the communication of information
  • To create the components of training, or build curriculum
  • To do weekly individual/staff planning or operational planning