Action Planning - creating committed action

ACTION PLANNING is an approach for planning of an event or project that already has group agreement or to bring a delayed project back on track and wrap it up. This facilitation process clarifies and outlines the task aligning creativity, capabilities, interests and resources of the group. The group decides on necessary actions, roles and responsibilities.  An implementation timeline is created to accomplish tasks and coordinate assignments. Action Planning uses both the ToP® Focused Conversation and the ToP®  Consensus Workshop.

Some uses for the ACTION PLANNING process include:

  • Design an idea that already has a consensus
  • Short- to midterm planning
  • Team projects
  • Event planning
  • To give specific focus to work
  • To plan a vacation
  • To do individual planning
  • To initiate action: clean-up day, membership drive, funding drive
  • Project planning
  • Completing projects that have stalled.