Focused Conversation   -  creating shared awareness

The FOCUSED CONVERSATION METHOD provides a structure for effective communication. It is used to facilitate group conversations and discussions allowing group members to share diverse perspectives in a non-confrontational manner. By inviting people to share insights and creativity around a common topic, issue or experience, it can reveal the existing level of consensus within a group.

Use the FOCUSED CONVERSATION METHOD if you or your team is responsible for:

  • Getting out a variety of perspectives
  • Performance evaluation
  • Delegating work
  • Making a statement of correction
  • Facilitating staff meetings
  • Reflecting on meetings
  • Collecting data/information
  • Analyzing trends and current situations
  • Clarifying values with the work or community setting
  • Discussing tough issues and resolving conflict
  • Preparing for a problem-solving workshop
  • Setting the stage for group preparation of a report