Our Mission

Our mission is to support individuals, organisations and communities in their pursuit of a humane and sustainable future.


Our Attitude

Our attitude is charakterized by a culture of participation, more


Our Offer

Facilitation of planning processes with indiviuals, groups of two to seventy persons as well as trainings in our methods of the ´Technology of Participation´ ToP.


Event coming up in 2013:

The ICA European Interchange 2013, the annual meeting of the European ICA Network, will take place from 15.March - 17.March in Paris, France.


Workshops & Events in 2012:

Don´t Just Do Something, Stand There!  10 Principles for Leading Meetings that Matter. An Advanced Facilitation Workshop. Hilton Hotel, Berlin, May 2 - 4, 2012; organized by boscop eG.


ToP-Training - 'technology of participation' in drei aufeinander aufbauenden Modulen in der Paritätischen Akademie in Berlin:

Modul 1 "Fokus Konversation" 5.-7.Januar 2012

Modul 2 "Konsensworkshop" 8.-10.März 2012

Modul 3 "Aktionsplanung" 14.-16.Juni 2012


Events in 2011:

The ICA European Interchange 2011, the annual meeting of the European ICA network took place from 24.Nov. - 27.Nov. 2011 in Vienna, Austria, more